The Legendary Starfy

Have you played The Legendary Starfy? If so, this quiz is for you. I will soon be making more but, for now, this will do. This one is all about the characters!

If you have played The Legendary Starfy, did you ever get past Mashtooth? It took me, like, six months! I am not kidding. It is hard! Oh, well, I guess you should start the quiz now! :)

Created by: Wonka

  1. Who is Moe?
  2. What is Bunston?
  3. What color is Starfy?
  4. What is Moe?
  5. How many siblings does Moe have?
  6. How many siblings does Starfy have?
  7. What does the mermaid do?
  8. How many Squirts are there? (not counting Bawss)
  9. What is Shurikit?
  10. What is the name of Shurikit's rival?
  11. What does the mermaid say?
  12. What is Starfy's favorite accessory?
  13. What is Starly's favorite accessory?
  14. Where is Bunston from?
  15. Who is the last baddie you have to face?

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