What Latin Phrase Fits You?

Which simple Latin phrase suits you? Care to find out? Take this quiz and answer honestly and carefully. Go back again to change your answers and discover the other results.

Have fun. I hope you have a nice day and the sun shines on you like it is shining right now where I live. Seriously it has been a gorgeous day. :) :) :)

Created by: Secret
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  1. How Would You Describe Your Life?
  2. Your Life Is A Comic Strip, Are You The Hero, The Villain, Or The Sidekick?
  3. (Sorry, sad question :() Have You Had A Major Death In Your Life Yet? (Death of a parent, lover, friend...)
  4. Would You Rather Be A Student Or A Teacher Of Your Favorite Subject?
  5. Do You Have A Talent?
  6. If You Have A Musical Talent, Are You Comfortable Using It In Front Of People? (Example: Singing In Front Of A Large Crowd)
  7. Are You Shy Or More Outgoing?
  8. Are You More Optimistic Or Pessimistic?
  9. Do You See Beauty In Life, Even When You Are Angry At The World Or Depressed?
  10. Pick One Of The Following. (Its important, so don't skip over this one quickly to get to the end.)

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