What Labour Party faction are you?

A quick quiz to help you figure out which faction of the Labour Party you belong to. Are you a Blairite? Or perhaps more radical like a Corbynite. Take the quiz and find out.

While this test will act is if you are a member or a supporter of the Labour Party. Don’t worry if you’re not, it’s all just a bit of fun. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it

Created by: Steve
  1. Do you support the nationalisation of energy, water, rail and Royal Mail?
  2. Was the Iraq War justified
  3. Should the UK scrap university tuition fees?
  4. Should the Labour Party support and receive the backing of trade unions?
  5. Do you support nuclear disarmament?
  6. Who was the best Labour prime minister?
  7. Margaret Thatcher was a net positive
  8. Was the alteration of Clause IV a good thing?
  9. How should the NHS be run?
  10. Tony Blair was a net positive

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Quiz topic: What Labour Party faction am I?