What kind of wolf in a pack are you

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Welcome to my quiz!!! I hope you like it. (This is the first time I made a quiz so I hope you enjoy it)This is a test to see what kind of wolf are you!!!

You can choose honestly on this quiz and nothing you choose here will save. This is just a fun quiz that took lots of research. This is the wolf you are and you might get the rare White Wolf!!!

Created by: #Thebetawolf

  1. Do you want to be pampered
  2. when you hear "bow to me" what do you do
  3. Do you like hunting
  4. are you pretty stong
  5. Are you intimidated easily
  6. Do you want to be a leader
  7. do you want a loud howl
  8. What's your favorite pokemon(this doesn't matter)
  9. you hear a twig snap when you sleep. What do you do
  10. There's a forest fire. What do you do

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Quiz topic: What kind of wolf in a pack am I