What kind of Twilight character are you?

Do you love Twilight? Do you wish you could be in one of the books? If yes, which character would you be? This quiz is all about you- and the Twilight cast of characters!

Take this quiz and find out if you'd be Bella, Edward, Alice, or even Victoria! Have fun with this, and answer questions concerning all your faves: songs, animals, etc. Isn't that something? Take it now and stop reading this stupid summary!

Created by: Stardust

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Loyalty and friendship is very important to you.
  2. I like to keep a garden.
  3. I love to eat a lot of food.
  4. My favorite color is:
  5. my favorite animal is:
  6. My favoite song (out of these) is:
  7. If I could rename myself, I would be named:
  8. My favorite quote is:
  9. My friends describe me as:
  10. I am a fast runner.

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Quiz topic: What kind of Twilight character am I?