what kind of teacher are you?

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are you a loved or a to-much-sevear teacher? with this test you will discover how your students see you or how would you be like if your profession was he teacher one :)

the results can vary from case to case...don't focus that much on results..this is just a point of view...have fun doing your test and let me know in the comments what have you got :)

Created by: Rose

  1. do you like children?
  2. do you like maths?
  3. do you like telling fairy tales to your class?
  4. how many quizzes per month you should do?
  5. you correct the quizzes..
  6. in the reports..
  7. the quizzes
  8. I teach..
  9. I'm
  10. I have..

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Quiz topic: What kind of teacher am I?