what kind of soft drink are you?

the many few of these soft drinks there pretty tasty sooo drink em all i hope you have a great time with this quiz eplease take it and i hope you score high with all your quize's

do you want to know what type of drink you are!!!!????well take this quize to find out!!come on try this now! its very cool and i hope you score high on the test hope you score high again soooo try it now!

Created by: chris
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like strong soda's or softer one's?
  2. gatorade~powerade or coca~cola or sprite
  3. do like this quize soooo far?
  4. sooooo tell me pick a drink!
  5. if you were trapped in a box and all you had to drink was *coca~cola* or ^pepsi^choose!
  6. choose one of the following to procced
  7. if a store ran out of your fav drink would you buy anouther drink or leave? or even fight to see if they have it in stock!?
  8. star power? or man power? or gurl power? or all power? idk this is just going to count on ur score ok lol
  9. water kool~aid milk and or shake
  10. what style are you this will count upon ur grade on this quize
  11. ok....ur show!

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Quiz topic: What kind of soft drink am I?