What kind of skater are you?

In skateboarding, everyone has their own style. But there are three main styles of skating. You can be a punk rawk hardcore skater, and dirty ghetto kid, or an avarage joe, who is kinda in the middle of those two

But which are you? you like hitting up a buttery ledge, doin back lips down 10 set rails, or are you just an all around sick skater. this is the test to find out which kind of skater you are. choose your answers wisely, and choose the best answer for YOU, and not what you think will get a certin style.

Created by: Dan Brennan

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  1. what kind of pants do you prefere
  2. What kind of skateing do you prefere?
  3. Which of the following tricks is more appealing to you
  4. Which spot is more appealing to you?
  5. What kind of music do you listen to while skating
  6. If someone is kicking you out of a spot, you...
  7. your in academy skatepark. the first thing you hit up is...
  8. Which pro do you like best?
  9. you like your trucks
  10. youve been trying a trick all day and still cant land it. you...

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Quiz topic: What kind of skater am I?