What kind of Princess you might be (just for guys)

Do you have what it takes to be a Princess? I know you may think this quiz is not for you, but C'mon, just give it a try, it will surprises you, you'll learn a lot about yourself and you can tell your friends what kind of princess you might be!! It doesn't matter how ''macho'' you are, this quiz is made for ALL the guys on the earth. If you're a girl, you can take this quiz too, you just have to be in a guy's shoes to answer the question. You'll learn a lot about yourself, INDEED! XOX

Hey, dude! Do you have the balls to be a REAL PRINCESS?? All you gotta do is to answer these few questions to see what kind of REAL PRINCESS you might be. What, are you afraid to take this quiz? C'mon, show me you have the guts to take it, lil' mama's boy!!

Created by: PrncessSerenito

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  1. Who'd be your favourite Princess?
  2. If your body were a car, where would you drive it to?
  3. If your best girl friend tells you that you're not a prince, not yet a princess, what would you do to her?
  4. If you're a girl doing this quiz, then what would you tell to a guy who wants to be a real princess? (If you're a guy, just put yourself in the shoes of a girl to answer this question)
  5. What fruit would you be?
  6. If you were in a city, what would you decide to wear at night?
  7. If you were a celebrity, what would it be your favourite... you know, like... what would you do if you were in the middle of the desert and you have a lot of food around you?
  8. Who would be the person to the one you say something like ''WHATEVA' IT'S MY BODY AND I DO WHAT I WANT''...
  9. How would you feel if a REAL PRINCESS comes and tells you ''Look at me, this is HOW I AM!''.
  10. Last one (I'd recomend you to answer number 2) What would you tell to a random guy in the street if he tells you that you will never be a princess?

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