What kind of popular are you?

There are many types of popularity, completly shy, Mean popular, everyone loves you popular, and on your way there. I personaly think popularity is overrated, but if it's important to you have fun!

Will you be Popular...NOT! the one who thinks they're popular. Popular! the person everyone likes, On your way there! Close, but not quite! Or WAY SHY! Good luck!

Created by: Smartygirl91827
  1. Do you talk to everyone that says hi to you, even if they are "Below your level"?
  2. Is having a ton of friends inportant to being popular?
  3. Do you think you're popular?
  4. Popularity is based on who you date
  5. If you get asked out by the most popular boy in school(Who you have never said more than hi to) you...
  6. You see your guy friend bullying a little kid, you...
  7. Your favorite color!
  8. good
  9. k
  10. Last question!

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Quiz topic: What kind of popular am I?