What kind of person will you marry?

Nowadays divorce rates are higher then ever, so it seems many people are simply not finding their true soul mates. Some are meant to live a life of luxury and others a life of balance depending on who they marry. soon you will find out where your individual path will take you.

It is so difficult to know who your soul mate is, but now with this easy to answer quiz, you will be one step further in finding your soul mate in a matter of minutes!

Created by: cheeky__ezza
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  1. You're going out on a date, your date gives you the option on where you will go, what do you choose?
  2. You have children, how do you raise them?
  3. You are walking in the city with your date, and you see a hobo lying on the street. What do you do?
  4. You are walking to your lover's house. you see a shortcut. Do you:
  5. What kind of school do you go to?
  6. What is the ideal appearance of your date?
  7. Do you like cheese of any sort?
  8. What kind of car tickles your fancy?
  9. How many kids do you want?
  10. How important is sex in your relationship?

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Quiz topic: What kind of person will I marry?