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  • 75% thrash metal

    shinedown Feb 23 '13, 10:19AM
  • @JKJK,
    How about that?

    Darkwolfe Nov 20 '11, 12:10AM
  • metal sucks. i just had to comment without even taking the quiz.

    JKJK Jan 14 '11, 1:52PM
  • Black/Death metal.
    I listen to Death metal though. Not Black.

    Paranormal Nov 25 '10, 7:38PM
  • Your Result: Symphonic/Opera Metal

    Symphonic Metal is heavy metal with classical influences, with generally female vocalists, a keyboardist(s), and many different influences (symphonic power/black metal). Another one of my personal favorites here. Check out, again, Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot, and Within Temptation, and others.

    wow...you just listed almost all of my favorite bands. O.0 that is awsome!!!
    10/10 *s
    heh...and i'm listening to Epica right now. :) the phantom agony. XD

    smilyface Oct 21 '10, 7:43PM
  • Would've been ok if you didn't merge black and death metal since they're completely different. And you should've taken out folk metal and added glam since that's a much more relevant genre

    MarkMetalHead Jun 12 '10, 3:12PM
  • This was good? use ever heard of tenacious D not very much metal but there f---in insane!

    rabitshadow Mar 18 '09, 1:34PM
  • Hey, everyone, thanks for the positive comments! Glad to know I can make a decent quiz! I thank you all for taking my test as well. If you have an idea for my next quiz, please don't hesitate to suggest it here!
    Have fun on gotoquiz.com!
    Just 1ce14

    just1ce14 Jan 8 '09, 10:30PM
  • nice quiz. i liked it.
    quite enjoyed it actually

    shelley liz Jan 8 '09, 12:42AM
  • this was a good quiz! i got progressive and nightwish is my fav band

    purpleluva Jan 7 '09, 10:14PM
  • it was a pretty god quiz only i dont think i like trash metal.... or maybe i do :D

    lolbomb101 Jan 7 '09, 9:27PM
  • Thrashing Metal!!! PERFECT QUIZ!!!!

    Kuggle Jan 7 '09, 10:31AM
  • i got dark/death. not surprising

    A_little_dead Jan 1 '09, 5:46PM
  • I got nu metal meh I like it XD especially Linkin Park :3 I also like alternative P:

    ltlbabeangel Jan 1 '09, 2:03PM
  • 3/5 =)
    It was good.
    Oh, and Nightwish is a pretty good band.

    Toni Jan 1 '09, 12:58PM
  • 4/5 :]
    I got Progressive metal, although I haven't really listened to any. I've wanted to try Nightwish, but I don't have a comp (I'm posting from my sidekick)

    Good quiz :]

    azeil7991 Jan 1 '09, 4:49AM

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