What kind of IT Support Specialist are you?

So, you landed your first job in the IT field. Ever wonder what kind of IT Support Specialist you are? Take the quiz and find out for yourself! Then, get your co-workers to take the quiz and compare. Good luck! =)

What kind of IT Support Specialist are you? Don't worry, there are no id10t's or Pebkac's here...just good and honest questions. Take the quiz and find out!

Created by: Loki
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  1. How would you prefer to answer the phone when someone calls you with a support question?
  2. How often should you check voicemail?
  3. When talking to a customer, one should be...
  4. When given procedures for a particular issue, you usually:
  5. When your boss sends an e-mail to the team, you usually:
  6. When a customer reports a problem, you would...
  7. You answer the phone, and the customer wants to talk to a supervisor. You would...
  8. How do you organize your e-mail?
  9. If someone's not pulling their weight, you would...
  10. When things are slow at work, it is best to:
  11. Your boss hired someone you find extremely attractive. Is it okay to hang out with them after work?

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Quiz topic: What kind of IT Support Specialist am I?