What kind of Howrse player are you?

How do you play on Howrse? There are 5 categories: The Breeders The Stable Owners The Wealth-Wanters The Socializers and The RPGers So which one do you fit into?

This quiz will tell you! It's only 12 questions! I got the answers based on common sense, I didn't do studies or anything. This is just a quiz to see what kind of player you are!

Created by: 1232343454

  1. When you log on, what's the first place you visit?
  2. Do you have an equestrian center?
  3. If so, does it have a forum?
  4. How many horses do you have?
  5. How many PMs do you recieve on a daily basis?
  6. Do you often buy horses, train them good, then sell them?
  7. What ranking are you highest in?
  8. Do you often message people just to chat?
  9. What is your usual breeder reserve?
  10. What is your main goal on Howrse?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Howrse player am I?