what kind of girlfriend are you?

this is a stupid quiz you don't want to take it the questiuons make no sense and the result is all the same- YOU SMELL thats it so get over it ghghg gd gdfv kpnr skp nrs gret ert gsd gf sa

if you smell take this quiz if not than screw youjd jdsfg jnsd gj lfhuo nu thv4 3985 yog hdhv dslvn dl kjk dfjlkaok jjfdi rjek hgrq i ilovree rop ggj fk;jgft ijd cm gds fg;mb,cvm kfp eoit g klk d f d k fd;lkf;s kg;fkg;lfk gp erok gtr sl v sk p lk sd

Created by: kimberly

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ghg
  2. fgf
  3. fer
  4. kkkuo
  5. qqqqqqq
  6. sss
  7. sssss
  8. qqq
  9. 12rererf
  10. 1eeefftgnb
  11. fkgjdfiogjf

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Quiz topic: What kind of girlfriend am I?