what kind of friend are you

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Do you think your the best friend like to everyone, or are you my test will help determine if u are.

Are you truly a good friend? Do you know what they like to eat can you Finnish each other's sentences or make each other feel better by saying one word

Created by: Claudia

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  1. Do you always buy a present for them at for there birthday
  2. Do you sleep on the floor or on the same bed
  3. Do u share clothes, hats, brushes, etc.
  4. You see your friend bring bullied what do u do
  5. Do you know what there fav. Food is
  6. Do you know what there fav. Color is
  7. Do you try to make them feel better when they.. go through a breakup, get bullied, etc.
  8. Do you know how they sleep
  9. Do you know what there favorite tv. Show is
  10. Do you talk out side of work, school, etc.

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Quiz topic: What kind of friend am I