What kind of friend are you?

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You might have lots of friends. But during this quiz, I want you to only think of one friend. It will help you answer the questions better with only one friend in mind. Because your answers might be different with each friend.

What kind of a friend do you think you are? What kind of friend are you truly? Or are you a friend at all? If you truthfully answer these questions, you will soon find out.

Created by: SF
  1. What did you think about your friend when you first met?
  2. What do you like most about your friend?
  3. Does it matter if a friend is the same gender as you or not?
  4. If your friend was in the hospital with a fatal sickness, what would you do?
  5. How often do you see your friend in person?
  6. How long did it take you two to develop your friendship?
  7. How did you two meet?
  8. Has your friend ever appeared in your dreams at night?
  9. Do you ever pray for your friend?
  10. Have you ever fought with your friend? (Fist Fight) Or (Language)
  11. What would you do if your friend found someone else to take your place?
  12. What do you and your friend have in common?
  13. Do you forgive your friend when (he) (She) makes a mistake?
  14. Could anyone take your friend's place in your life?
  15. How much do you like your friend?
  16. (Easy question) In a line up, who goes first?
  17. Can a good friend actually help you become a better person?
  18. Will a true friend tell you the truth even if it hurts in the short run?
  19. Have your parents ever told you to stay away from this friend?
  20. What draws you to your friend?
  21. What do you do together?
  22. Who is your best friend of all?
  23. It is hard to find true friends. Maybe you think it might be easier to not have any friends at all--to be a loner. Is that a good thought?
  24. What happens if you spend too much time alone?
  25. How do you act around your friend?
  26. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Would you die for your friend?
  27. How did you like this quiz?

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