What kind of DRINK are you?

This thing freaking sucks. Just go do the quiz, skip this freaking thing because I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it. Yeah, I know we can do this thing!

You must be stupid for still reading this after I told you to not do this. Why would you want to read the ravings of a mad woman? Really? It makes no SENSE!

Created by: Kunai

  1. What do you think you are?
  2. Do you generally have a good time in life?
  3. How happy are you right now?
  4. **Did you know I have to have 12 questions? Freak!** Are you angered easily?
  5. The rest don't count. I really could care less. K?
  6. Party rockers in the house tonight! Everybody just have a good time. And we gonna make you
  7. o;hkjl
  8. 3 more questions. THREE!
  9. tyi
  10. LAST ONE! Did you enjoy the randomness?

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Quiz topic: What kind of DRINK am I?