It will always be all about me!

There are many people who I know and care about. But only my true friend should know all of these. I hope that everyone can get a high score on this.....Don't feel bad if you can't answer all of them probably means we drink a lot together!

What is all about me? It's a test....a test to see who really knows me. I hope that everyone can get at least ONE right....some are harder than others. Whoever gets them ALL right, I owe a drink to!

Created by: Krista
  1. What is my favorite clothing store?
  2. My favorite food of all time
  3. What do I want most in life?
  4. What kind of vacation do I enjoy the most?
  5. When I get married what flavor of cake will I want?
  6. What is my most favorite girl's name?
  7. Which of these am I most scared of?
  8. What would be my dream job?
  9. What could I not live without?
  10. What could I not live without?
  11. What do I value most?
  12. What would I like my current boyfriend (Adam) to work on with our relationship?

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