The One Direction Test

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Take this test to see how well you know One Direction. If you think that you are a real Directioner, you can answer these questions with ease. (That also means not looking them up)

YOu know who you are if you look them up. If you score high, then yeah! you're a directioner! If you score low, it's ok. It just means you dont know a lot about 1D. Thats all. (No cheaters please)

Created by: pieiscool

  1. Where was Louis Tomlinson raised?
  2. What was Niall's suggestion for the band name?
  3. How many times did Liam audition in X-Factor?
  4. Niall had what kind of pet?
  5. What instrument can Harry play?
  6. When was Zayn's performance on X-Factor showed?
  7. Who suggested the boys be put together at bootcamp?
  8. Who is the only one in the group that is left handed?
  9. What did Zayn do to make a fan pass out?

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