What kind of cat are you?

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Have you allways wanted to see what kind of cat you are? Take this quiz and see what kind of cat you are so have fun takeing this quiz it will be fine

Now you can find out what cat you are and this quiz is cool you will find it cool guys it will still be a fine quiz becuse it's so cool it is about what cat are you

Created by: Even

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you was in your house all alone what would you do
  2. If you was reading a book and then it got really scary what would you do
  3. If someone said you can have my cat you would
  4. What's your best hobby
  5. What animal do you like best
  6. Do you like drawing?
  7. If you saw a hurt bird on the road you woud
  8. Do you like cars
  9. Do you like cats
  10. Just pick one!!
  11. What's your best color
  12. What's your best color

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Quiz topic: What kind of cat am I?