what kind of candy are you?

what kind of candy are you? candy is a sweet taste of good personality it can make you happy this quiz is fun and only for girls! no boysallowed on this quiz have fun

what kind of candy are you? every body loves candy find out whatsweets are you you can find out in abou 2-5mins unless your slow have fun with this quiz its cool.

Created by: jesseca

  1. whats your fave flower?
  2. Whats your fave site?
  3. whats your fave color?
  4. whats your fave word?
  5. what would you name your girl?
  6. whats your hobbie?
  7. whats your fave sport?
  8. whats your fave city?
  9. whats your personality?
  10. whats your fave day?

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Quiz topic: What kind of candy am I?