What kind of cancer do you have?

Cancer is a serious life threatening disease. Many times, people go about their day with cancer inside of them. This quiz helps you decide wether to go to the doctor or just stay home.

Find out if you could be at risk for cancer. What kind of cancer may you possibily have? This isnt a doctor so if you are worried, best to go see a accual person. :)This can go for kids and adults.

Created by: Tasha
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  1. Are you tired?
  2. Do you bruise or bleed easily?
  3. Do you have any lumps on your body? Do they hurt?
  4. Do you have a dull pain in the back of your head? Do you have numbness or tingling?
  5. On a average day, how much energy would you have?
  6. Do you excersize?
  7. Have you lost weight for no reason?
  8. Have you ever had cancer or other health conditons in the past involving chemo, radition?
  9. Does your family have a history of cancer?
  10. Are you going to go to the doctor after this quiz? Even if you have a 20% chance of cancer?

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Quiz topic: What kind of cancer do I have?