What kind of bird are you?

This quiz will help you match your personality with some flightless birds, or almost flightless. I hope that you find something new about your personality.

I really hope that you like this quiz. Rate and tell me what you think about it! Much appreciated if you do so! Thank you again! Thank you! Thanks!

Created by: Hayusha592
  1. Are you frequently nervous?
  2. Are you proud of yourself?
  3. Are you often putting yourself down?
  4. Did you ever wish that you could fly?
  5. Are you socialable?
  6. Well, I'm sorta out of questions. I'll judge by choices.
  7. FIRE!
  8. Are you in a relationship?
  9. You must choose!
  10. Last one!

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Quiz topic: What kind of bird am I?