what kind of belly do i have

have you ever wondered what kind of belly do you have, well your in luck. take this quiz to find out if your belly is full of jelly or is flat as a pancake.

don't be afraid to find out if you got a fat belly or a flat belly. if you didn't know fat is the new black and jelly bellies are all the rage. so come take the quiz and began your fun.

Created by: ally parker
  1. what do you see when you look down to button your jeans?
  2. what do you feel when you bend over
  3. when you sit down does your belly rest in lap?
  4. have you ever popped the button on your jeans?
  5. when your in a car, does your belly hang over your seat belt?
  6. how much do you weigh?
  7. what size jeans do you wear
  8. when you slap your belly, what happens?
  9. how much weight have you gained in the last year?
  10. when you walk up the stairs does your belly hit your thighs?

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