What kind of B-day party fits you the best?

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There are many people that wants to have a birthday party but they don't know which one to choose so, you can try this quiz and see your answer. You know, I want to see it too.

Are you gonna try this quiz? I hope you do. If you're having trouble to choose which one, come and try this quiz out! When you try this quiz, the B-day that your computer chosen is the right one for you.

Created by: Realanimelover

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  1. Do you go on the internet to check the new Youtube videos to your subscribed channels or the website you watch things?
  2. Do you wear fashion things like dresses, skirts, necklaces, bracelets. You get what I mean right?
  3. How many sports do you play?
  4. Do you like dancing or telling scary stories to your friends or hanging out with your friends?
  5. Do you like going to the movies?
  6. Do other people admire your looks wherever you go?
  7. Do you like watching anime?
  8. Do you exercise?
  9. Do you like sleeping? Are you always lazy?
  10. Do you like going to B-day parties?

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