What kind of alien hero are you

Have you ever wondered what your place would be in the Universe? Take this Quiz to find who your like and what they did to save the universe. Also Linkin park is the best band ever. >:)

Same thing as the top and another thing. If you liked the answers You can email me at shtrando@aol.com to ask me about the entire story and I will e-mail you as soon as I can.

Created by: Shane Houston

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when did you start fighting
  2. Why do you fight?
  3. favorite of these colors
  4. What is your greatest fear
  5. where are you when the battle starts
  6. Who is your best friend
  7. Your goal in life is to
  8. what isyour favorite out of these
  9. your favorite vehicle
  10. Your greatest weapon is
  11. All your friends die. you

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Quiz topic: What kind of alien hero am I