What Kind of a Book Are You?

You love books, but you wonder what kind of book YOU would be. Well find out! Just answer a few short questions and you'll know! Sorry if the description doesn't fit you!:)

Do you wonder what kind of book you would be? Well wonder no more thanks to this quiz! Take this quiz and in just a few short miuntes know the answer! Sorry if the descriptions don't fit. :)

Created by: Rachel of Books, Games and Apps
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your friends would describe you as:
  2. You would describe yourself as:
  3. You like reading:
  4. What Greek God/Goddess Would You be:
  5. What ,out of the choices, would be your dream job:
  6. What would your top goal, out of the choices, be
  7. Where are you most likely to be found:
  8. What, out of the choices, are you most likely to do:
  9. What would you rather do
  10. You would take this quiz again

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Quiz topic: What Kind of a Book am I?