What Juiced Baseball Player Are You?

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Baseball, American's greatest pastime. A pastime that was in all kinds of trouble a few years back until it was saved by Mark, Sammy and the rampant use of Steroids!

Steroids are still being used by a large number of players to this very day, but if you were a baseball player, what kind of steroid abuser would you be? Can you even handle it? Answer these scientifically designed questions to find out.

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  1. There are many classic baseball films, which one is your favorite?
  2. There have been more recent baseball movies made, which one of these, in your opinion, sucked the least?
  3. Which baseball movie quote do you repeat the most in your day to day interactions?
  4. Which actor was the most believable as a baseball player?
  5. One can add The Juice to food to make the medicine go down, what would you add The Juice to?
  6. Other preferable entry point for your steroid goodness?
  7. If you could get one fictional TV doctor to prescribe your 'roids, who would it be?
  8. You’re in front of congress under oath and are about to lie your ass off. You go with...
  9. There are side effects associated with steroid use, which of these would you LEAST like to have?
  10. Which MLB mascot do you think would win a 100 yard dash?
  11. Ok, so these teams actually race mascots to keep the game interesting, which one of these mascot groups do you think would come in first ?
  12. These players did not juice, basically because 'roids weren’t really invented yet, but if they did, which one would benefit the most?
  13. There are many curses in major league baseball, which one do you feel had the most credence?

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