what job suits you most?

There are a lot of jobs to choose from, but this quiz might just narrow it down. These questions are basically based on your personality, so be honest and you will get the results you prefer

I know that a lot of kids don't really know what they want to be yet but if you take this quiz,you may find just what you're looking for. And if the results don't come out as planned remember: this quiz is just for fun! Now please enjoy!

Created by: apalita2001
  1. how organized are you?
  2. you see that someone is hurt. what do you do?
  3. your friend needs help with her/his math. what do you do?
  4. 3 of your personality traits are:
  5. what can you not leave the house with?
  6. what do you do in your spare time?
  7. your friend must be:
  8. whats your favorite snack
  9. what is your perfect day?
  10. you favorite toy when you were a kid was:

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Quiz topic: What job suits me most?