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  • What job fits you??
    Your Result: An actress 80%

    You are a famous actress who loves to act in front of everyone.You will act in plays, movies, etc. I hope you make a good movie that everyone will love! Get your popcorn and candy cuz you are watching an awesome movie!!

    70% Lawyer
    66% Fashion Designer
    54% an author
    47% a game inventor
    36% A chef

    Well that's what I've wanted to be since I was young so

  • Your Result: an author 74%

    You love reading and you love writing. You will be writing books, and probably publish them. Everybody will LOVE your books, I bet they will be asking for your autograph.

    65% a game inventor
    63% Lawyer
    61% An actress
    55% A chef
    50% Fashion Designer

    Bad grammar and spelling but fun. Make your next quiz longer :p


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