What Jambassador Are You Most Like?

Hello people of the world and yes got questions? 1: what's your AJ user wanna buddy you!My Answer yes I am accepting buddy request for now my user is Purple9wolf. 2: Are you Purple Wolfy AJ? My Answer Yep I am Purple Wolfy AJ! Oof 3: How old are you? My Answer if you want to know my age go read my YouTube description if your too lazy for that then I'll just say now, I am 11 years old I'm sure you might already know though.. 4: Whats your best friends AJ users? My Answer My best friends? Oh they all died :( joke thats bad, theyre users are zoswag and marshello12! 5: Whats your best friends YouTube? My Answer zoswags is Sniff The Cobwebs Up (Strange) and marshello12s is Mystics AJ. 6: Whats your face? MY Answer is NO I will not show my face its dangerous! until I'm allowed too when I'm 13 probably if you want to see a face then watch zoswags videos! 7: How do you get the good art from your den? My Answer Exactly from my den XD Jk I get them for free or just for betas. <3 More Questions? Go Question me in my Live Streams on Purple Wolfy AJ!

Oh and got one more question? What is my favorite movie and cartoon? My Answers Hard to say I have a few favorites, courage the cowardly dog show, flapjack, Mr bean and Talking Tom and Friends are my favorite cartoons. Now my favorite movies are, The Hobbit Movies, The Cat Returns and Spirited Away.

Created by: Purple9wolf

  1. What personality\whatvideosyoumake
  2. What are you?
  3. What is ya Style?
  4. What Are Your Favorite things to do besides play AJ?
  5. Favorite color
  6. Do you like this quiz? (I worked hard to make this)
  7. How old are you?
  8. Do you think ghost are real?
  9. Do you like Lps\shopkins?
  10. When was AJ made?

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Quiz topic: What Jambassador am I Most Like?