what is your weakness?

Everyone has some weakness, and some just dont know it. A weakness is something that you fight, or try to hide inside you. And sometimes their just in your personality.

Do you know your weakness? Do you think you don't even have a weakness? Well this quiz will unlock whatever your trying to hide, or didn't even notice.

Created by: Cheyenne
  1. what color?
  2. what outfit would you wear?
  3. pick one, which do you like best?
  4. what book title would interest you?
  5. pick what you would like to control
  6. what thing would you describe your self as?
  7. How many good friends would you say you have?
  8. do you like this quiz so far?
  9. Pick a sign, any sign...
  10. what is the top most worst thing that could happen to you?
  11. Are you ready for your weakness?

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Quiz topic: What is my weakness?