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  • Your a brown tom with a fluffy tail and orange eyes. Your clever and sneaky and you enjoy a good fight, no matter what the cost. Your a whisperclan warrior with a high ambition of being leader. Don't turn into a tigerstar young one.


  • Dawnbreeze

    Your a light brown tortishell she-cat with misty blue eyes. Your caring, kind and sweet-natured.. but if somecat hurts your clan your a whirlwind of fury! Your a warrior and your proud of it!

    I love the quiz :D

  • I think my answer was a little off..

  • Nice quiz... ARE YOU BORED? Then check out some of my quizzes:

    "Canadi an or American?"
    "Who are you in your circle of friends?"
    I know you want to find out ;)

  • what is feather clan???

    Twilight The Owl

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