What is your true personality element?

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Have you ever wondered about what your personality element is? Perhaps you've known from other quizzes or such. Or perhaps you just know. An personality element is what your personality kind is.

Are you ready to find out your personality element? Do you already know what it is? Even if you do, please go ahead and take this quiz. Don't forget to rate and comment!

Created by: soccergurl14
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  1. Tell me...what's your favorite color?
  2. Your favorite gemstone?
  3. You see a kid beating up a puppy on the street. What do you?
  4. At school, you are realized as...
  5. A serial killer breaks into your house while you are watching TV. You...
  6. You've found out that your best friend has stolen your boyfriend! (Even if you don't have a boyfriend, still consider this question, please.) What do you do?
  7. What is your favorite pop singer?
  8. Pick one please and please choose carefully!
  9. What is your favorite bird that "represents" you?
  10. What do you want from me? Again, choose your answer for this question, WISELY!

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Quiz topic: What is my true personality element?