what is your title at school?

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This quiz is just for fun about school stereotypes. Don take this personally unless you get a 0% to a 17% then please take my advice. Youll really need it!

This is probably not accurate for your school so I am wrong most of the time. HAve fun taking my quiz. ( It took a long time to make even though its short)

Created by: HELLo

  1. You like heavy metal music, not pop music.
  2. You dress usually in brand names like Aeropostale, American eagle, Nike, under armor and Hollister
  3. if you answered no to the last question then what brand do you usually dress in?
  4. What sport do you play?
  5. You play how many instruments?
  6. How many languages do you speak? Including your first langue like I only speak English
  7. You don't like people who are very rich for reasons you don't wanna explain
  8. You live uptown in a new big house
  9. What do you like to do in your free time
  10. What do you read?

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Quiz topic: What is my title at school?