What school stereotype are you?

These are not to be taken seriously. These are school stereotypes that you find in movies and are seriously just a joke. I’ve always seen things like this in a Disney movie and wanted to see where people would fit in with my test.

There will just be questions based off of already formed opiated personalities you may have seen or heard before. And based off of how you answer and which answers are closer to you as person. Will give you a title based off of school stereotypes.

Created by: AliDubbs17

  1. What time do you get to class?
  2. What does your social media look like
  3. How long does it take to get ready?
  4. You will find me _____ on the weekend
  5. If I were left on an island I would want my
  6. My favorite color is
  7. If I had a superpower it would be
  8. Pick a word
  9. My favorite flower
  10. If I had to fight someone it would be my

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Quiz topic: What school stereotype am I?