what is your spirit animal

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everyone has a different personality, they have their likes and dislikes, good days and bad days, kisses and punches. all these things relate to something.

that is why i have created this quiz. are you smart and witty, like a ferret, or are you strong and brave like a wolf. unlock your inner animal in this quiz and find out

Created by: lovely

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  1. are you loyal to friends?
  2. have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  3. do you eat ice cream with chips?
  4. do you eat ice cream in a cup, bowl, cone, or other?
  5. do you find this joke funny: did you just fall? no, i attacked the floor! backwards? Im freaking talented!
  6. what colour hair do you have?
  7. what colour ski do you have?
  8. do you have fangs?
  9. what colour eyes do you have?
  10. and finally, what clique are you in at school?

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Quiz topic: What is my spirit animal