What animal are you?

There are plenty of different types of animals, and tons of animals that think, act, sound, and move differently. Which animal does your personality relate to the most?

Find out which animal you are! And see why you relate to them! Are you brave? Smart? Cunning? Maybe even.. Lazy?? Find out on my quiz, for only $19.99! But if you take the quiz now, it's free!

Created by: Raven

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If it's raining outside, what would you prefer to do?
  2. Out of these choices what would you do?
  3. Out of these options, where would you rather go?
  4. Favorite color? (I know, generic)
  5. Do you mind taking pictures?
  6. Pick one to describe yourselves
  7. Out of these options, pick a superhero
  8. Out of these choices, which sport do you prefer to play?
  9. Pick a sweet
  10. Would you rather:
  11. Out of these options, which one do you use the most
  12. Out of these choices, which genre would you rather watch
  13. Would rather rather
  14. Pick the best option to describe you
  15. Pick a brand
  16. Pick a random one

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?