What is YOUR secret kink?

Hi, I'm Lauren the Llamanator, back at it again with some fun and cute family-friendly quizzes!!!! This quiz is called "What is YOUR secret kink?" which, if you couldn't read, is at the top.

In this quiz, you will explore the depths of your sexual mind and harness the ultimate level of erotic sensualities as we dig into your deepest, darkest fears/thoughts and expose it all ;)

Created by: Lauren the Llamanato

  1. Alrighty folks, I hope to dear God that you intended to be here, because it appears you're on the dark side of the web.
  2. Are you gay? (Trust me)
  3. Yes, I'm well aware that you did not see that last question coming XD let's go to a little more... simple questions, shall we??
  4. Have you ever watched Gravity Falls?
  5. I love cursing so ******* much. What's your favorite cuss word?
  6. Alright, friends and random people, time for some role play! (And not in the inappropriate way.. get your mind out of the gutter.)
  7. Gucci gang, weirdos. Imagine that you're in a restaurant and the lovely couple left the place and they left an unsliced piece of ham on the table, totally untouched.
  8. What are you going to do? Disregard that fine slice of ham, or chow down like the pig (LOL) you are?
  9. Alright, homies, we're almost to the end. You better miss me, I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you :,)
  10. You fool!! It appears I've tricked you!! You thought I forgot this was about kinks!!!!
  11. Which one seems the most appealing to you, my darling?
  12. Part two... (last question, whoop whoop)

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Quiz topic: What is my secret kink?