What is your political ideology in the HCJB?

This is a political ideology quiz for the politics of the Holy Church of Joe Biden based on ten defining ideological factors in the church. Try this quiz to see where you align!

This quiz attempts to portray the various ideologies of the Holy Church of Joe Biden in the most accurate way possible in ten questions. It is not perfect. Your beliefs are your own this quiz attempts to represent them as accurately as possible but it should not be taken as gospel.

Created by: Charles I of HCJB Wiki
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  1. Do you support the Big Biden Barty's "People's Council?"
  2. Do you believe in the infallibility of the Bidicon?
  3. Do you support increasing Papal power?
  4. Do you feel the church's current stance on the word of the Biden is too far removed from old traditions?
  5. Do you support increasing the Council's power?
  6. Do you support having a Superior Court?
  7. Do you support the abolition of the government in favor of a single people's body?
  8. Do you support expanding the rights of the common man?
  9. Do you believe the Bidicon should be scrutinized?
  10. Do you believe in the infallibility of the Pope?

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Quiz topic: What is my political ideology in the HCJB?