What is your perfect Halloween costume?

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It is near Halloween but you still don't know what you'll wear. Be creative, but this 100% accurate personality quiz will tell you what you might want to consider dressing up as.

If you disagree with your answer, that's OK. You can always choose another thing to dress up as. This quiz is just meant to give you some ideas. Please give the quiz a smiley!

Created by: A random cat

  1. Do you like trick or treating?
  2. What pets do you have?
  3. If your best friend took this quiz, what did they get?
  4. What time zone are you in?
  5. What month is it?
  6. Are you the kind of person who rates quizzes?
  7. Do you know who your friend is going to be for Halloween?
  8. Do you like to swim?
  9. Is your birthday on November 1st?
  10. Are you ready to look for a costume?

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Quiz topic: What is my perfect Halloween costume?