what is your perfect boyfriend like?

Some men are perfect, and if you have one of those guys, then well done! I like a man to be sweet, but not too sweet, and manly, but sensitive! He's got to be nice, and he has to be fit! smart, but not a geek! So basically I'm pretty picky!

But what do YOU like? Are you interested in what kind of men attract you? Or just a bit bored and have nothing better to do? Maybe you enjoy a little fantasy about your dream man? I know I do! So go on, take the quiz, and in the famous words of Dr Pepper: "whats the worst that can happen?"

Created by: lulu
  1. You go to a party, would you rather your guy would:
  2. So the Guy invites you back to his apartment. What's it like?
  3. So it goes well at his place and he invites you on a date. Where does he ask you to go?
  4. Whats the first thing that he says to you?
  5. So the date goes awesome, and your friends are pestering you about it! "Whats the best thing about him!!?"
  6. You go home and just get on with your life for a while, when does he call you?
  7. Great, another date sorted! Your friend helps you get ready, and starts talking about what she thinks of him. She says:
  8. It's good that your friend thinks that, and you started to really like the guy at this point, how does he say he feels about you?
  9. On the date, what does he drink?
  10. What do you drink?

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Quiz topic: What is my perfect boyfriend like?