What do you look for in a girl? (boys only)

There are mnay girls in this world, but you can never find that perfect one. You'll say there is no such thing as perfect, but maybe once you take this test, someone will come out into the spotlight and see what you're asking for. You never know, it could change your life ;)

Are you girls wondering what guys really want? Are you thinking you're constantly making mistakes? Why don't you get HIM to take this quiz, and all your worries will come to an end. You might realise that you're actually perfect in every way. Or are you boys getting sick of the ladies? Maybe use this as a clue, and stop the fustration taking over you!

Created by: Billie-Jo
  1. What colour eyes do you prefer?
  2. What colour hair do you prefer?
  3. What length do you prefer their hair?
  4. What hair style do you prefer?
  5. Curly, straight..ect?
  6. What top should girls wear?
  7. What bottoms should girls wear?
  8. Any jewellery?
  9. Personallity?
  10. Do you like them to make the first move?
  11. Do you like flirty girls?

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Quiz topic: What do I look for in a girl? (boys only)