What is your other dimension name (GIRLS ONLY)

Write this quiz and get your other dimension name! You will get a bunch of simple questions that you need to answer. These questions aren’t too personal so don’t worry!

Please share this quiz with your friends! I hope that you really love this quiz, it’s my first quiz so I hope that it isn’t so bad. Just a quick question, do u watch anime? Hope I do ;).

Created by: Bobo Love

  1. Do you like light or dark colours?
  2. Do you like chocolate vanilla or strawberry?
  3. What kind of device do you have?
  4. What makes you cry?
  5. Siblings
  6. What is your favourite colour?
  7. Favourite sport
  8. Favourite food
  9. What month r u born in?
  10. What year are you born in?

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Quiz topic: What is my other dimension name (GIRLS ONLY)