What is your Nightwing name?

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Need a name for your Nightwing OC? Take this quiz! 5 possible results find out who you are. Click a smiley rating. Enjoy the quiz! Ignore jfjfkfjskcjrjdjfjdjdk

It says 150 letters ignore fggjijuhgg and you can click click a link to read and read it to your email address or your name and password for the name and password click on the password and click on your click password and click on cli

Created by: Starquake

  1. Boy or girl
  2. Which name appeals you the most?
  3. What Nightwing colour would you be?
  4. Choose one
  5. Which one do you want
  6. Fave character
  7. I need to fill in the questions
  8. Tybgghhf
  9. Hhgujhy
  10. Bgggg last one finally

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Quiz topic: What is my Nightwing name?