What Is Your NightWing Name/Personality?

Hi! I bet your wondering... Who would I be as a NightWing? Well, I hope thus quiz can help you with that! Cause this quiz will help you find out your name and personality as a NightWing!

Just simply follow the following rules: Answer correctly and truthfullyDo not make a rude comment! Have a go again! (if you want)And answer the question to find out your NightIng name and personality!

Created by: LilMe111

  1. How old r u?
  2. What's your gender?
  3. Which NightWing colours would you wanna be?
  4. What's your favorite kind of night?
  5. Chase away clouds, and you have no rain. Play in the dark, the sun shall shine again! Do you like the saying up top? How about the one belowIf hope is the sun, and you only believe in it when you can see it, than you'll never make it through the night!
  6. What emoji do you like?
  7. Which is your fav route true of day?
  8. what powers would you want?
  9. After living on the volcano, how would you feel?
  10. If you were a RainWung and had to pick one or the other skill, what would you choose?!
  11. Would you be scared of the darkstalker?
  12. If you had to believe on a creepy legend dude, what would he have to be to scare you?
  13. Finally which of these names Do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: What Is my NightWing Name/Personality?