What is your nickname?

Hey there! Are you bold Spitfire, great at snappy comebacks, or are you petite kindly Kitty, a dreamer and all that positive stuff? Find your nickname!

FOR MY STORY: Spitfire; great comebacks, snappy attitude. Negatively speaking, she's negative. Positively speaking? Oh, also negative. WHY IS HER TWIN KITTY SO OPPOSITE?!?! btw, these are all cats so. . . :P

Created by: OTTERlover
  1. Ok, first two did not count. BTW, you might wanna be a young girl. Here's the first counting question: What type of clothing?
  2. Your school ranking…?
  3. How do you talk?
  4. What describes you?? BTW, once on the way to Chicago, I saw graffiti that said J4F or Just 4 Fun. It was magical.
  5. Positive or negative? Cool or weird?
  6. I'm out of ideas. I also made a quiz about otters (OTTERlover).
  7. BTW, Spitfire and Kitty are sisters in the story I'm making. I'll publish it soon, don't worry.
  8. Here's a preview of the story: Spitfire rolls her eyes as Kitty bursts in the den. What now? Alien unicorns making kabobs with their horns? "SPITFIRE!! I SAW A—A—A MONKEY STANDING UPRIGHT WITH WEIRD CLOTHES!!" "Kitty, you obviously had a head injury. Go seek out the medic." Spitfire replies. "And if your gonna lie, lie somewhere where your lies are actually good." Spitfire adds. Kitty trots away, back outside. Spitfire rolls her eyes again. What has gotten into her?
  9. If you are taking this quiz, say 'I'.
  10. LAST QUESTION!!! COMMENT OR RATE? i will take ideas for the story.

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