What Is Your Mental Age?

Hi, this is my first quiz, I hope you like it! I'm only ten, so this is probably very bad. BTW, this test is super short. so I guess I'm pretty lazy. :b

Have you ever wondered what your mental age is? This isn't so accurate, but I'm sure its close. No matter what, if you're old or young, enjoy your life, you are an amazing person! :D

Created by: Jess

  1. What Is Your Dream Job?
  2. How Old are u really?
  3. Do you still play with toys?
  4. What is your favorite colour?
  5. Have you enjoyed this quiz?:D
  6. Ha, and you thought this was the last question!
  7. I'm bored
  8. What time is it?
  9. What is your hair colour?
  10. What is your eye colour?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Mental Age?