What is your malfunction?

We all have a malfunction of some sort. No matter where we come from, how smart we are, or where we got our education. These malfunctions define who we are, and how we interact with others!

Wouldn't you like to know what YOUR malfunction is? What makes you tick, or ticked off...Take this quiz, and find out once and for all; What IS your malfunction?

Created by: Funky of Funkys Myspace
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  1. Are you very mechanically minded?
  2. Your friends often comment on your strange behavior.
  3. Do you like unusual foods?
  4. What is your favorite drink?
  5. What is your favorite "free time" activity?
  6. What is your favorite climate?
  7. What is your most typical mood?
  8. Do you hold grudges?
  9. Why are you taking this quiz?
  10. Do you like war?

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Quiz topic: What is my malfunction?